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Elohim is a decentralized technology with the aim to change the
world for those who have no economic identity

Elohim is an all-in-one ecosystem. That integrates the advancements of security and accountability, in blockchain technology. First increasing efficiency and availability to education, utilization of funds, remittance, staking, and truly open access to a truly, free unrestricted marketplace network. Elohim coin also creates the ability to assist in critical functions. For missions, ministries, and NGOs, working to help the most impoverished throughout the world.

Taking emphasis on the market of 2 billion-plus individuals, with no economic identity. Elohim coin will create an advanced economic infrastructure consisting of tools and training. Quickly becoming an unstoppable economic cornerstone to the world.

Elohim is unique

There are thousands of technology-based decentralized platforms but Elohim’s mission to provide help and educate the impoverished communities makes it unique and different from other platforms.

Elohim coin is unique due to its multifunctional MISSION wallet. This allows donations seamlessly from one point to
another. Whether tithing from a distance or distributing
donations, to solve the world’s problems.

Benefits of Elohim coin

Many popular crypto & blockchain publishing


Elohim platform provides private and secure proprietary technology applications, with its encrypted communication platform and multifunctional wallet


Elohim coin is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency, providing peer-to-peer trading to consumers, and investors. Proudly incentivizing participation, in advancements in growing markets.


Elohim Coin is changing educational reach to be the leading Eco Sustainable Educational platform. Sharing technology education worldwide in borderless Meta Verse university platform.

Fast and cost-efficient FAST AND

Elohim transactions are fast and secure, with low transaction fees for its users.

Donations to those in need

Elohim funds can be donated to the most hard to reach and poor communities. Creating established market communities. With a direct focus on creating economic identity for those who have been left behind.

AI platform

Elohim will essentially provide, a proprietary artificial intelligence technology to ensure the learning, data collection, transaction, and security of the users. Will bridge the gap between up and coming economies and the non accreditted investor, to secure stronger investment opportunity in developing markets.

Token Allocation

One of the most important and most fascinating phenomena of the past century is the blockchain


Elohim Encryption Suite Applications

This function and participation in this suite, will eventually also be open to an outside investor and developer participation. Recognizing the potential, in the 2 billion-plus unbanked individuals coming to market. Currently existing with no economic identity, growing approximately 20% of the world’s economy. Allowing vision to become provision for themselves, and many people in many nations alike. Elohim will also begin to engage developers to join our community, in the creation of Elohim Encryption Suite security applications. We believe privacy is another inherent freedom. We envision a platform where individuals will¬† be excited to pay, a small token fee for the availability of totally private social media,messaging, and voice talk app’s throughout the world.

Encrypted records of achievement are an important component of Elohim Coins’ integrity. to strengthen the foundations being developed and protect the value provided. As well as thorough record-keeping for compensation dispersement in our reward program to students.

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Elohim Coin Roadmap

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